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Comedy play script for kids

The Real Pierre Pan

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Peter Pan parody script The Real Pierre Pan playscript for school shows and school assembly by Robert Reed


  • spectacular and hilarious play
    • parody of some notoriously known characters from old British pantomime & modern culture
  • detailed descriptions of
    • characters, costumes, props, backdrops
    • stage directions

  • one-act play
    • no changes to the scenery

  • features situational humor, unusual characters
    and a high level of audience participation

  • rights to three performances
    are included in the purchased playscript





Pierre Pan, Telly Fairies, A-Team, Eagle G, rap, adventure

Age group: 9-11   (Key Stage 2   Year 5-6)
Genre: Parody
Running time: 25 minutes
Number of actors: 22-26


Robert Reed


This is an extremely amusing parody,
which is fast moving
and features a high level of audience participation.




Pierre Pan is a fashionista and has his own range of beauty products. He has a turbulent relationship with his one remaining crew member: Toto.

Eagle G. and Mr Smith the supply teacher are transported by the magical Telly Fairies to meet their hero. During their adventure with Pierre Pan they are attacked by Crocy the Crocodile.

Will anyone get eaten and will they return to the real world ever again?  


Play Excerpt

EAGLE G.   (Rap music plays)
I Ďiz the well minty boy from Staines,
My rapping will blast out yor brainz,
I dance betta than Adam n the Antz,
But me gran tells me to change my pants. Aye!


PIERRE PAN:   Iíve just had an idea. Letís see if the teachers can do it! Scrub the decks, salute the captain, and climb the rigging. Wakey, wakey, teachers: itís better than attending a staff meeting...

(If teachers get order right:)
ALL:   Hooray!

(If teachers get the order wrong:)
PIERRE PAN:   Ooh la la, you not listening to the order. But, we forgive you.



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