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Bollywood High School:
'Please Keep Off the Grass!'


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Bollywood, Indian, cricket, high school

Age group: 10-12   (Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3   Year 6-7)
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Moral Ethics
Duration: 22 minutes
Cast: 30 actors (minimal 21: minimal 6 male, minimal 7 female)
4 female dancers
Author: Robert Reed
Price: 9.00 GBP or 16.00 USD


The play is a comedy with the theme of early relationships and listening to the advice of elders.
A spectacular play, especially if enhanced by Bollywood style music & dances.




Ajay is nervous about his first day at his new big city school: Bollywood High School. He asks his grandparents for advice and they tell him that he should study hard, be honest to himself and others and practice diligently to be the best at cricket. If he follows this advice, his grandparents say that he will have a happy life just as they have had. Ajay is determined to follow his grandparentsí wisdom. He becomes friends with the considerate and caring Dayita, his neighbour, who also attends Bollywood High School.

Ajayís resolve to stick to his grandparentsí advice disappears in a heartbeat when he sees Charvi. He resolves to win her affection, with disastrous and humorous consequences. Finally, Ajay decides to give up his pursuit of Charvi. In the school cricket match, Ajay is the hero and Charvi now wants his affection; but, in the end, which girl does Ajay decide is the right one for him?


Play Excerpt

NARRATOR:   You always remember your first day at a new school. I was nervous as a kitten. Questions hovered around my head: Would I make any friends? Would the teachers be nice to me? Would I get lost in my new huge big city school? I looked to my grandparents for advice.

AJAY:   (Ajay touches Grandparentsí shoes.) A long life to you.

(Ajay sits before Grandparents with his hands as if in prayer.)

AJAY:   I really want to do well in my new school. Iím afraid thereíll be a problem. What should I do?

(Grandmother leans forward and ruffles Ajayís hair playfully.)

GRANDMOTHER:   Oh, Ajay, you are a worrier. Just study hard and listen to the teachers and be honest to yourself and others.

GRANDFATHER:   And, donít forget to concentrate on being the best at cricket. (Grandfather leans forward and pats Ajay on the shoulder.) Just follow this advice and you will be as happy in life as we have been. Now off you go!

(Ajay picks up the school bag and exits stage.)

NARRATOR:   As I picked up my school bag, I was determined to stick to my grandparentsí advice: study, honesty and cricket. It all seemed so simple. Nothing could go wrong.

(Grandparents exit stage.)



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